Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stir-fry, Steamed Rice, and Strawberry Jam

Last week, our little fam took a little trip to the farm.
For a strawberry tour.
This was our second year.
I learned from last year.
I brought a bag to bring home some of the veggies we tasted.
There are so many leftovers, and they were very generous.
Yellow Wax Beans.
Sugar Snap Peas.
Golden Tomatoes.
{The tomatoes didn't make it to the stir-fry. My kiddos totally walloped them.}
Golden Sweet Corn.
{We purchased the broccoli.}
You can not have a stir-fry without broccoli.
In my opinion, of course.
I used New York Steaks, which were on sale.
{Lucky us.}
I sliced them thin, tossed them in a bit of corn starch, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and fired up my trusty wok.

One the meat was cooked well {about 10 minutes}, I removed it from the pan, and added my veggies.
I added a little sesame oil.
I let the veggies fry until there was a good crisp to them.
{About 3-4 minutes.}
I threw in a bit of salt and pepper.
Then, I added the meat back in and let it cook for about another five minutes.
I threw in a pinch of garlic powder, soy sauce, sriracha, ginger, and a teeny tiny bit more of salt and pepper.
The finished product.
My kids devoured it.
The husband ate two helpings and was raving about it.

Shrimp was on sale, and I am a huge seafood fan.

I made myself my own little shrimp version.

No one else particularly cares for shrimp.

Although, my son did try it.

My only rule is that my kids have to try a little bit of everything.
You can't forget the accompanying condiments.

I can not live without sriracha.
And nothing is better than some steaming hot rice with soy sauce.
I also decided to do something with some of the strawberries we had leftover.
Okay, some is kind of an understatement.
We ate some in a fruit salad.
We had sliced strawberries with our pancakes.
We enjoyed strawberry shortcakes.
And we still still had two cartons left.
I found this awesome recipe for Strawberry Freezer Jam.
My little sous chef was on hand to work the food processor.
She loved it.
She wanted to find other things to food process.
She tried to put a rice crispy treat in it.

You want to make sure you don't puree the berries.
There needs to be a more chunky texture to it.
Then you add the sugar.
I added one less cup than the recipe said to.
I replaced that cup of sugar with an extra cup of berries.
And it was still super sweet!!!

You mix the sugar, berries, and the pectin mixture.

Then, transfer the mixture into these cute little mason jars.

I am going to dress up these jars a bit.
Each of my friends at our monthly GNO is going to get one of these on Friday.
A little gift for being such great friends!!!

This jam is amazingly easy, and super delish.
It lasts about a month in the refrigerator and up to a year in the freezer.
Hence, the name.
We have gone through a third of a jar already.

We have had it on toast.
We have had it drizzled on vanilla ice-cream.
Even yummier!!

A little something fresh, healthy, and spicy.
And a little something sweet and delicious.
All from a little trip to the farm with the fam.

Happy Wednesday!!!


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