Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

Here's a little project that really lights up my world right now.
And my dining room.
I wanted a fancy chandelier for my dining room.
I never realized how pricey they are.
So, I decided to do what any perfectly sane person would do.
I decided to create my own.
Well, actually, I had the bright idea to hunt down an old one and make it my own.
I think it is called re-purposing.
Here's what I did:
{It was actually pretty easy.}
{And way less expensive.}
It was like $950 less than the one I originally fell in love with.
A special thanks to my hubby for doing the re-wiring.
An extra special hooray for him doing it and keeping his eyebrows and sideburns in the process.
I found this bad boy on Craigslist for $25.
I used my mad bargaining skills and drove away only $15 poorer.
I heart Craigslist.
One person's junk is always another person's treasure.
Me being the 'another person' a lot of the time.

I printed out 8 Joann's coupons and headed to my second favorite place.

{I won't keep you in suspense any longer.}

Target is my all-time favorite place.

I could wander around that place for hours.

I heart The Dollar Spot!

That's a whole different post though.

I used my Joann's coupons and purchased 3 cans of spray paint.

Each can was only $2.

{It's a big chandelier.}

It took about 3 coats of the Design Master Copper Fusion for this puppy to gleam.
I got rid of those awful mini shades, changed out the bulbs, and wrapped each candle stick with some beige and teal scrapbook paper.
I used the remainder of my beloved Joann's coupons to purchase these beads.
Our entire dining room is centered around a picture that once belonged to my hubby's grandparents.
The colors that went well with the picture are browns and teals.
Luckily, that is one of my most favorite color combinations.
The beads that I used are the Crystazzi and Swarovski Elements.
It wasn't the most fun stringing the beads.
Let's just say my fingers aren't the most slender.
I am have a ton more beads, and I am eventually going to add a bit more.
The more bling, the better, right???
I love my new chandelier.
It is exactly what I wanted.
I love it mostly because I made it my own, and I love it because I made it my own on a super tight budget.
Those are the best projects.
I hope this brightened your day a bit.
I hope you all are having a brilliant week!!!!


  1. What a great makeover! I love taking inexpensive stuff and redoing it! You get way more bang for your buck by fixing things up yourself:)

  2. Love it! It's great to give something a new lease of life like that. I love copper and teal together too! or apart!

  3. Your chandy is GORGEOUS!!!! Love, love, love it. Brilliant. Just brilliant. The Ikea frame holds a 16x20 print and the whole thing is about 2 feet by 3 feet. It's legit. Happy day!