Thursday, June 10, 2010

just a bit of paradise

I love, love, love summer.
I absolutely love going to the beach.
I adore anything tropical.
My hubby complains because all our vacations so far have been tropical destinations.
He doesn't understand why I don't ever plan our family trip to Colorado or Alaska.
Sand between my toes.
Crystal clear, turquoise waters.
A delicious drink with a little umbrella.
That is what I consider a true vacation spot.
Here are a few things that make me feel like I am always surrounded by just a bit of paradise.
This was my little guy's 5th birthday cake.
I get to create a replica of this for my darling nephew, who's 5th birthday bash is this weekend.
His is going to be so cool.
I have found so many more cool beachy cake decorations.
I even found a miniture beach chair with a teeny tiny bottle of sunblock.
Too cute, right?
I love all things mini.
This picture makes me feel like summer is so darn close.
The last thing waiting to be crossed off our list is our last day of school.
I am a teacher, you see, and right about now we are all countin' down, cleaning classrooms, and holdin' on to our last bit of sanity.
Plus, I have been teaching kindergarten.
So, you can imagine how antsy my little people are right about now.
Anyway, this pic makes me smile from ear to ear.
I love watching my loves when they are smiling and having fun.
I love even more when they are having fun together.
Last weekend, we spent an entire day with our best buddies.
Swimming, the smell of sunscreen, slushies, hawaiian pizza, lots of barbecue chips, and good friends.
If that is what our summer is going be like, I can not wait.

Pooping in paradise.

I really wanted my bathrooms to be beachy. Mostly teal and white.

I wanted to find a vintage window so bad.

You know what happens when you want something??

You can never find it.

Then, when you aren't looking for it...

There it is.

So, my hubby had the great idea of making a window.

I love that he always goes along with my shenanigans.

We found this poster at Joann's. It was $5.

It was glossy, so I applied a layer of Modge Podge Matte over it.

Then, we went to Home Depot to find molding.

There are thousands of different widths, styles, and colors of molding.

We settled on a thin, unfinished molding for the outside and a really thin molding for the inside.

I should probably know the specific name of the two styles, but I don't.

I spray painted it white and then sanded it down until it had the vintage look I was going for.

We used a thin piece of board for the backing and glued the poster down.

Of course, we cut it all down to size....the poster, the backing board, and the molding pieces.

Make sure when you are cutting the molding, you need to saw each side at a 45 degree angle.

We used Gorilla Glue to put it all together.

Not to self--Make sure the Gorilla Glue is clear.

As you can see, we used white. It kinda seeped through.

Sheesh, it dries quickly!!!

I wanted to add a little something more, so I found the little twig wreath at Michael's for $3.

My towels and shower curtain are brown and white polka dot, so I had some extra ribbon hanging around.

I thought using the same ribbon would tie it altogether.

It did.

Now, everytime someone is using our guest restroom they can gaze out into paradise while finishing their business.

Fun, right?

I think so.


  1. Visiting from fun to Craft link party, I LOVE your cute beach idea... very clever!

  2. I love the beach cupcakes birthday cake! What a fantastic idea, all the little extras are too cute! (I love anything in mini too!)

  3. Love your cupcake birthday cake!! Super Cute!!