Tuesday, June 15, 2010

paint a prettier picture

I love taking pictures.
At this very moment, I have 1743 pictures on my camera.
They go back all the way to last September.
{I really need to transfer them to disks.}
Did I mention that I put the P in procrastination?
I don't even want to get into how many disks I have.
I finally got all my pictures transferred to disks.
{Yes, even the pre-digital pictures...}
I finally have all my disks arranged in a jumbo CD case, labeled with each event, and organized by date.
I am definitely making progress.
I guess I have always been the girl that always has her camera with her.
Even in high school.
I got really bad after I had my kiddos.
I got bitten by the scrapbooking bug, so maybe that explains a lot.
My family and friends always make fun of me for taking so many different pictures.
I think it is so important to capture every moment possible.
Our kiddos are growing up so fast.
I have blinked, and my son is graduating from kindergarten.
One of my best friends is an excellent photographer.
She is truly gifted.
I am always bugging her to make my pictures a bit more fancy.
I am absolutely obsessed with 'Color Splashing.'
I am always asking her to do this for me.
It looks so cool.
I always love to pull out that one color that makes the photograph pop.
I was playing around on Photobucket tonight, and I finally figured it out.
I will never have to bug my very talented friend again.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't say never.
The 'Color Splashing' I think I have figured out, but there are so many more elements in photography that are quite foreign to me.
I am pretty behind in the times for a twenty-something.
I just found out about blogging.
I know, right??
If you are a bit backward like me, then this is for you.
You will need:

A Photobucket account--It's easy, so go ahead an create one.

A steady hand

A pinch of patience.

A bit of time.

What to do:

After you have logged into your Photobucket account, upload any picture you would like to work with.

Once the picture is uploaded, double click on the image to get to the editing section.

Under the edit tab, go to 'see much more.'

Then, go to the Effects tab.

Double click on 'Color Splash.'

This will make your entire photograph black and white.

It will now allow you to use the paintbrush {black dot} to add back the original color to the specific areas you want.

The little box that appears on the screen will help you control the size of your paintbrush, allow you to zoom in and out of the picture, and make it possible for you to add color or the black and white effect.

Take your time.

Make your photographs even more beautiful.

Make sure you take a few extra moments and explore Photobucket.

You can do so many things to your photos.

They even have glitter text!


Have a beautiful week.


  1. Hey...a photographer friend of mine told me about Adobe Lightroom...it's like a lightened up version of Photoshop and geared mostly toward photography where you can do all sorts of fun stuff. There is also a really good tutorial for it at Lynda.com.

    You should check it out!


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my Alice in Wonderland costumes post! I have been playing around myself with different effects in photoshop - trying to decide which ones to frame! Your color splash photo of your little one in her swimsuit is so adorable!