Monday, June 7, 2010

Writing on the Wall

My very first crafty project post.
So, I am crazy about the whole chalkboard fad.
I saw this really cool DIY show where they used chalkboard paint and
painted a whole wall in the kitchen of this house.
We go to this ice-cream parlor that has a giant chalkboard and a ton of brightly colored chalk, and everyone draws pictures or signs their name.
You can even buy magnetic paint now.
My friend is painting a wall in her kitchen with this, so she can clear a bit of space on her refridgerator.
So cool, right?
I wanted to try this on a smaller scale.

This is where this little thrift store frame comes in.

{Not so little--It measures 20" X 24"}
Before--thrift store frame purchased for $6.50

{Try to ignore the cat posing in the background and her creepy glowing eyes.}

I really like the size and shape of the frame.
{Not the super old picture or the puke green color of the frame.}

After--Message Board for Our Dining Room
and Key Holder


I only wanted the frame, so I got rid of the glass and lovely picture.
I purchased semi-gloss black spray paint and chalkboard spray paint.
I also purchased a piece of thin board from Home Depot.
I sprayed the board with the chalkboard paint and the frame with primer and then the semi-gloss black.
I had some scrapbook stickers that worked out well for the wording.
I made sure to modge podge the words, so they wouldn't peel later on.
Those swirly stickers were something I already had too.
{I have a ton of scrapbook paper and stickers.}
They ended up adding a fancy touch to the project.
I had a wired rope that I stapled to the back of each side of the frame.
Make sure to leave enough slack.
I bought clothespins at Home Depot for $3.
Those flower stickers on the clothespins were left over from Mother's Day, and they added just the right amount of color.
To secure on the sticker, I used Fabri-tac.

Key Holder--

I bought the piece of wood from Michael's.
They have all different shapes.
I used a 40% off coupon and got the wood board for $4.
I used the same spray paint on the key holder as I did on the frame.
It's the semi-gloss black.
I think it has just enough shine to stand out from the chalkboard.
I found some scrapbook paper, cut it out, and glued it onto the board.
Then, I took a good amount of modge podge and layered it on top of the scrapbook paper.
I heart Modge Podge.
Make sure to let each layer completely dry before applying the next coat.
I bought small hooks (4) and screwed them into the board.

Now, I have a place to put my keys.
No more losing them all the time and leaving them all over the house.
Well, the new key holder has a 95% effective rate for me.
I'm still pretty scatter-brained.

Here is our chalkboard/photo holder/key holder in action.

It's a nice addition to our dining room.

My hubby leaves us sweet notes when he gets up--at the crack of dawn--to leave for work.

I leave my hubby long lists of things to do while I am at work.

{I think I like the board more than my hubby does.}

It makes me feel a little more organized.

And a little less like if I didn't have my head screwed onto my neck, I would lose that too.

So, there you have it.

My first little DIY project.

I will make sure to get better in my tutorial skills.

And I will take more pictures during the whole process.

I hope you all have a AMAZING week!!

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  1. Great job!!! Your chalkboard and the key holder turned out great. I love how you hung them together too. Very cute project!