Thursday, July 1, 2010

Water Baby (I mean Big Boy.)

Our summer classes are officially in full swing.
My little guy loves swimming.
So, I enrolled him in swim classes all summer.
He has always loved the water.
He was the only little boy I know, who looked forward to baths.
{Maybe it's because of all the bubbles, toys, bath crayons, and paint.}
He ran into the ocean, not away, the first time we took him to the beach.
Mind you, he was only ten months old.
This is his third summer taking swim classes.
He was so proud of himself when he was tested into Squids.
It goes Turtles, Whales, Squids, and Fish.
He is so excited to almost be a Fish.
"A fish, mom, is a big deal," he tells me.
I am proud of him too.
I am proud that he is doing what he loves.
That's all I really want for him.
Torpedoes, Watermelon Float, and Back Float are his faves.
Bubbles and Breathing, not so much.
I had to explain to him that Bubbles and Breathing are kind of essential parts to swimming.
He is my Water Big Boy.
He told me I can't call him a water baby anymore.
Because he is not a baby.
Secretly, he'll always be my baby.
And I will always remember him with his goggles wrapped tightly around his head {looking like a mad scientist}, wearing his favorite swim trunks, carrying his Star Wars towel, and walking proudly into swim class.
And I will smile.


  1. This is such a cute post! I love it! I understand how you want to call him your baby, my little guy will always be my baby too, even when he is 30!

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  3. Very cute I am your newest follower. SO positive and family focused. follow me at and on twitter @maddieb221. I am still new in the blog world hope this was the right place to post a comment.

  4. Tabitha, this is so cute... I know what you mean about them always being your "something" baby. My newly 9 year old told me she is not my angel baby anymore, she is now my angel girl. lol

    I hate seeing them grow up so fast, I just want to hold on to them forever. And at the same time I am so proud they are growing up so fast lol

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Love, love, love your blog! I am your newest follower!

  6. That was such a sweet post. Mine is taking swim lessons also. She doesn't like going underwater either. I'm sorry it took me awhile to make it over here from Wednesday, but I appreciate the follow. I'm now following back. I look forward to your posts.

    Rachel from Anya's Room (

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  8. Really cute post! Our boys are getting so big, I can't believe it!


  9. Thanks, everyone!!! It is so bittersweet to see our children grow up, isn't it??!!! Hope you all have a fabulous 4th!!!

  10. My little girl is a water baby too. I wanted her to like the water. I was on a swimming team growing up and would like her to follow in my footsteps if that's something she's interested in!

    Following you now...

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    We just put up a pool last week - we need to teach our kids to swim better - although they do know enough to be okay in the water, they could do better!

  13. Both my boys are water bugs too. They are 4 and 1. My 4 year old taught himself to swim this year and my 1 year old is trying to do the same!

  14. Very cute!! My daughter starts her first swim lessons next week and she's a little nervous! BTW, we did "kids bowl free" bowling today - get this - it was 17 bucks. That was with the one adult game and 3 pairs of shoes. How was your experience?

  15. I totally add your button to my page. I wanted to email you but couldn't figure it out. thanks for the nice comment. just keep blogging, just keep blogging :)

  16. Thanks for visiting our blog and for your sweet comment. Glad you found some inspiration. :)

    Your little guy is too cute. You're lucky he loves the water so much. We have one who won't put his face under even after having lessons.

  17. super sweet post. My son HATED swim lessons..we kept him in there one session and then he would panic when we'd tell him we're taking him back?! Although he LOVES swimming, going to the beach, playing in ALL types of water, he did NOT want his coach putting his face down under and making him blow was traumatic! oh and he'd NEVER float on his back either. Guess we waited too long to put him in, he's almost 4...should have had him in there since he was 2!
    Glad ya'll enjoyed it and Happy Summer!