Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out With the Old... In With the New

Many of us will be celebrating tomorrow's awesome holiday around a campfire, at a beach bonfire, or sitting around fire pits in our backyards.
An important part of those celebrations will be a very special dessert.
All that chocolaty, gooey marshmallow, crispy graham cracker goodness.
There is a drastic change you NEED to take this year.
It will involve moving away from the traditional, but trust me.
It will be worth it.
An American favorite.
Absolutely delicious.
However, it is so last bonfire.
The new guy is risky.
People hate change.
They tend to stick with what they know.
I urge you to expand your horizons.
You will be pleasantly surprised.
I love Nutella.
We eat it all the time.
With everything.
I would eat a sneaker if it was slathered with some Nutella goodness.
Chocolate sometimes doesn't melt all the way.
Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread that melts right into the marshmallow.
It is heaven.
Try it out.
Enjoy it.
Have a fabulous 4th of July!!
Happy Birthday, America!!
Thank you to all the men and women, who sacrifice so much to serve and protect our country. We remember you, we pray for your safety, and we pray for your families everyday {and not just today}.


  1. I have one thing to say about these smores - yummy! Have a great day today! By the way I love Nutella!

    Mama Hen

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  3. OOoh nutella! I went to a french place with my daughter and we had the yummiest nutella and banana crepes! OOohhh yea :) lol

    Have a wonderful holiday Tabitha!

  4. Oh, yum.. I love smores! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I apologize... I somehow missed you on my followers list! I'm so glad you stopped by so I could find your blog. It's wonderful :) and I am now following you :) I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  5. Sounds wonderful...Hope you had a GREAT FOURTH!
    I have a fun giveaway on my holiday blog...
    check out A Baby Changes Everything
    drawing Monday night

  6. Mmm, yum! We will definitely try this! Thank you for the kind words at! I'm happy to help you with your circus party... send me some more info and I'll send you my favorite ideas and tips.

    Thanks for the nutella idea!

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  8. I've heard so much about that stuff, guess we need to try it :)

  9. Thank you for the follow! I appreciate the appreciation more than you know. I love your blog. It is a charming and engaging place to browse about. I've used Google Friend Connect so anything new that you post should appear in my reader. I look forward to learning more about you!

  10. I still need to try that Nutella. Sounds yummy.

  11. Yum, yum, yum! S'more anything is great with me. I've never tried them with Nutella before. But we'll have to give it a try. You know, to be more healthy =o)

  12. Nutella is super yummy! My boys don't like it though. I remember eating it when I was little.

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