Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day.
Today is about gobbling up delicious food.
Yes, I need Siracha with everything.
Enjoying a warm and sunny day.
Sitting and relaxing while the papas do all the work.
Spending time with our friends and family.
Enjoying our {almost} new patio furniture.
Most importantly--
Today is about remembering those that have given their lives.
Today is about being grateful to those that defend our country today.
Today is about understanding the great sacrifices made that allow for so many freedoms and opportunities.
Today is about being thankful to those men and women, who help to make our country a safe and secure place where my kids can grow up healthy and happy.
We thank you for all you do.
We will be forever grateful.
We will keep you and your families in our prayers.
We will remember your hard work and sacrifice everyday and not just today.
Thank you.

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